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  Ali Adl, CEO

A founding partner, inventor, designer and responsible for product realization, Ali Adl leads the company as the Chief Executive Officer and follows his life time passion in the research, design and development efforts at ErgoSpine.


He brings with him over 27 years of management and engineering experience and is highly versed in process engineering, production realization processes and total quality management.


In his earlier days after graduating from college, he started teaching in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Texas at Austin. In 1980 Ali joined Bell Laboratories, Undersea Fiber Optic Communication Systems. He has been awarded several patents and his inventions are still being utilized in submarine optical communications worldwide. Ali was one of the pioneers in this field and their organization was largely responsible for AT&T’s successes in being the first and the largest undersea fiber optic communication system provider in the world.

  His interest and involvement in medical devices and particularly, Artificial Motion Preservative Disc invention, design and development started when he faced the lower back problem and his inability to continue his lifestyle and his beloved recreational activities. Researching the available medical technology for a PERMANENT cure and studying the root cause of the problems as an engineer, Ali soon realized that first, there is no PERMANENT cure, surgically or otherwise; and second, the problem is a mechanical one. Hence the birth of his concept for the PERMANENT cure which allows all natural body motions. Since then the concept has been realized as a product in hand.

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