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  ErgoFlex - Artificial Disk For Motion Preservative

Ergoflex is a spinal non fusion, motion preservative disc replacement. It is available in both lateral and anterior models.

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  ErgoFlex - Lateral


Key Benefits Include:
A long term solution
Minimally invasive lateral vs. invasive anterior approach
Allows for either full or partial motion rehabilitation
Self-adjusting (a precise placement and positioning is not required)
Allows for simple device removal if needed
Provides a platform for fusion if needed
Reduced recovery time for the patient and reduces hospital stay
Major reduction in operation complexity and time
Totally reversible operation without complications
Minimal surgeon training
Increased number of surgeons who can perform the operation
Non-reliance on long term bone fusion
Increased potential population able to undergo surgery
  Ergoflex X-Rays
  1 - Inserting ErgoFlex Laterally (L4-L5)
  1 - Inserting ErgoFlex Laterally (L4-L5)
  2 - Lateral Approach (L4-L5)
  2 - Lateral Approach (L4-L5)
  3 - ErgoFlex In A Bent Spine (Anterior Approach, L5-S1)
  3 - ErgoFlex In A Bent Spine (Anterior Approach, L5-S1)


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ErgoFlex - Anterior ErgoFlex Anterior View